Wednesday, 1 July 2009


"Look, there is Hemingway. Papa Ernest.
Why did he put a bullet through that gorgeous male head of his?
Blood all over that thick sexy beard.
_Vivi's stream of consciousness

[^ i have so read this before and think i just blocked that bit out. le pauvre hemingway :( ...ECT? why the fuck for? ] readin' little altars everywhere is making me think dans l'accent of the deep south and listen to randy newman sing louisiana and write this. ah shore am glad that i aint done got any o' that catholic guilt in me. twas ma schoolin that did it ma'am, yes it did. got it all out of me. ah dont even think about sinning. ever. aint nothin i can do thats going to make the baby jesus (or any other non existent being) cry. so dont y'all go believing in that crap. the good lord (that i dont believe in :P) didnt make no blue sky for y'all to feel guilty under.

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