Thursday, 24 December 2009

glee'd about glee

i dont like most of todays 'pop' music. i think its inane. but im watching glee and suddenly the song 'single ladies' by beyonce is making sense to me... in a different way. i dont think a song about liking it and should've having put a ring on it is a great song. but in the context of a gay teenager in a sequinned unitard singing it. it makes sense. im blabbering. but point being thanks to glee im probably going to be singing along with a lot more songs now. *shrug* musicals work for me :D
anything other than high school musical which i still think is retarded. bad disney. no chocolate for you.


Rachellle said...

oh i totally get what you're saying about pop music and glee! i've been humming 'single ladies' ever since i saw that episode. while seeing the football team doing the dance in my head. XD

pave said...

exactement! i <3 glee. went mad and watched it all last week.