Wednesday, 23 December 2009

white christmas - here to stay

hit the borders closing down sale just in time. today was the last day. 90% off. i got the leonard cohen book for 90p. i didnt even know he'd written books. looking fwd to it (can just imagine it all in his drooly drooly voice)...after all the millions of lib books iv got to get through. just got done with 'a good school' by richard yates. so good. plenty of latent homosexuality.
also got the dr horrible comic (2.99 - its weird how im ok with paying full price for certain must have new comics. i prefer my novels on sale/second hand) at ok comics. its growing on me. my favourite is still forbidden planet, then travelling man..then ok. but the upstairs has many many 50p bins of back issues. i can see it growing on me more and more... its got this weird posh vibe tho. unlike forbidden planet where iv had fun conversations with people. this is a very keep to yourself type place.
also got started on the graphic language of neville brody.
design books are just better than other books (of the non fiction variety).
ps. havent fallen down yet. walked so slow (slippery pavements). legs feel like iv been doing the merengue.


Rachellle said...

omg my brother gave me the dr horrible comic for christmas and i haven't thanked him yet! or read it. must remember to do both asap!

pave said...

what did you get him? :)

susie r said...

I think Ok is my fave...but then I kinda know the owner. His name is Orville. I think they make a good effort to make the place friendly, although I admit it's sometimes a little too quiet. You been to their Drink & Draw?

pave said...

yeah i feel better about ok now... i mightve been imagining the weird vibe :)
no i havent, i want to go. but cant find the date of the next one.