Sunday, 4 April 2010

big bloodshot eyes

insomnia. cannot sleep. this happens to me rarely. but when it does. its bad. was lying in bed for the longest time thinking on everything and nothing and finally i has given up and here i am awake and online. thankfully i had a dramatic day which warrants a long and dramatic blog post. it was either this or long and dramatic email to rebecca/pli/lab/dee/divya... this seemed easier :) (mass emails are so impersonal)

today began normally enough. watched the qualifying for the malaysian gp (gist: masses of rain, race should be good! force india in the top 10 wot!!!) and then th mater decided we had to get out of the we departed for malham...sunny day, the drive was excellent. perfect car music: alexi murdoch/coconut records/banhart/dandy warhols. usually im bored by english countryside. too picturesque...not enough drama. but today i was all...omg so bootiful. and admiring the railroad tracks and trains going by...and the telephone poles punctuating the green green grass.

and there were loads of sheeps too! there were posters up at malham saying its lambing time and to take care not to disturb the sheep as they could then abort, keep dogs on lead... i figured as much. there were way too many baaba sheep to be seen on the way there. and little lambs are so cartoon like. it becomes appropriate to use words like 'gambolling' and 'fluff puddles' when talking about was like one of those fabric softener adverts practically...sheeps cuddling with other sheeps...sheeps of all sizes and colours...full with white wool...white wool+black and white mottled body... it was like bambi! minus the killing. and forest fire.

so we get to the place and have lunch and then walk up to the cove. malham cove, which is this limestone cliff like thing. very lotr. shouldve had the book to read there. was sitting under a tree that reminded me of the tree of gondor for a while... so until that point all was well. then we decided to walk up these steps to get to the top of the hill. was much like temple steps in coorg. easy enuf to climb. but which could be really sickening going down. and i knew we could either come back down..or take a flatter circular path back to town. so we get to the top and drama! we have to navigate this hideous (for me) stones/grass combo. which just creeped me out. so getting over them was a major pain. and everything was slippy cause it'd rained in the morning. and everything was starting to seem hellish... even so seemed like better option than the steps downward ...anyhoo after much cursing we got to the flat grass bit and i was praising the blessed grass and all that...we walk and walk and walk and there are no people to be seen and we hope we're going the right way...and then we get to a wall...and wheres the gate to the road? there like a mess of gate looking things which all look impassable. and then i see that the way to get to the road is this wooden stepladder thing over the wall :D (ladders are on my list of fears) and the stones were so bad that i was all... this should be a breeze! and quite happily. climbed up one side. got to the top, chucked backpack over. and climbed down to the road... (this is too much description wot? lol)

anyhoo...then we walked down the road for a while...and checked we were on the right path at this farm/private residences area...and walked thru a picturesque little lane...where there was this one house with 3 cats on the wall...eating out of a bowl...and a black dog... overdose of cute it was!

im planning to be indoors and glued to the tv tom to make up for all the drama :)
1. the race
2. new doctor who!!!
probably going to be split by a long nap in the afternoon to make up for all this not sleeping...

today was good :)
big mistake

animal count for the day:
millions of sheeps, a pair of ducks, a pair of chickens, some ponies, a pair of horses, 4 cats, about 6-10 dogs...

cuter than this! much cuter!


Divya said...

Reminds me our little trip to some church/castle( shit, can't rem name!) when i came visiting. And whaaat! You xlimbed a friggin ladder? And those must'v been your worst nightmare. Can just see uou freak out, getting all shaky. Hee!

Divya said...

Iphone typing makes me feel like i have giantly fingers. And correcting mistakes makes me want to cry! :s

Divya said...

I meant "and those stones must'v been your worst nightmare".
Also rem us trying to cross that river and getting halfway and realising legs are frozen and tis imposs to go either way! Fun times. Time to go travelling together again methinks :)

pave said...

hee i was thinking of that too. i still have that vid of you talking to the sheep :D yes we must go a travelling! kuttus been saying we must. we shud combine plans!

Divya said...

lol, i was talking to sheep? that's disturbing. i rem seeing fat sheep but no memory of talking to it.

hmm... i wasn't even ON anything. *shrug*

pave said...

it was 'baa'ing fakely..and you say 'you're not a sheep!' all dramatic and accusatorily! hee

rchlll said...

sheeeeeeeeeeeeeep. i like sheep.