Monday, 19 April 2010

the king of the crucible is in round 2

there's no denying that zhang has skills (some lovely long shots, but exciting? no). im probably predisposed to be snide about anyone playing hendry. so here's what i think...he's slow. like old person slow. he walks slow. he makes the balls move slow. would i have liked him more if he was playing say doherty? probably.

anyway hendry won it (10-9), to my deep deep satisfaction. i was visualising being devastated. man u losing to arsenal in a penalty shootout level devastation. but stephen made it work...he was just...i actually 'wow'ed at one long red.

today's been a good day for my guys i say :D
button won and selby's through to round 2 beating ken doherty 10-4.

ah selby selby. i caught a couple of frames at the end there...ever the jester (he had a bit of a struggle with sitting on the table for one shot XD and rolled his eyes and everything). and just supremely smooth today. loving the form he's on (in?) ..also black on black with purple waistcoat back - very vampyrchic!


rchlll said...

I must confess that I will never understand your love for snooker. :p

pave said...

i think there's a prerequisite love of physics involved...:D