Wednesday, 30 June 2010

just havent found it yet

i am in search of the most customisable new blogger template *grumblegrumblewhydtheychangeitfuckerstryingtobeliketumblr* this will have to do for now.

havent got much to say. modest mouse, joshua james and the cure are working well together. no footie to watch tonight. can sleep comfortably. the fat making mirror in my room has been taken down, leaving me with more wall space. but the wall behind the mirror is pale lavender while the rest of the room is cream+red. it is in dire need of painting. twil happen soonly i guess. cannot wait to put all my new posters and things up. especially the one of the doctor and amy pond.

best things about the doctor who season finale (will try to keep it spoiler free):
  • the morocco mole style fez
  • amy and amelia!
  • ...and the dancing!! ;)


Divya said...

fat making mirror! lol!

pave said...

yus! and painting might happen on wed! excited i am :)