Tuesday, 15 June 2010

who is emma frost?

my comic book pile gets out of order everytime i show it to people. but i dont mind cause putting it in order is one of the best things ever. and everytime it seems to get more complicated. usually its just by publisher. but then i alphabetised it as well yesterday. and made lists of how many of each i have :D i have a few more marvel than dark horse but thats only because craze for x men began long long ago.. im still kind of confused by the variety of x men titles...and how they still seem to link up nicely... like astonishing x men to uncanny x men and what not.
...got to thinking about how comic book writers are like gods. especially x men writers (joss whedon/mattfraction etc). controlling the lives of scott summers (the movies kind of made me hate him...then i remembered he's cool and its james marsden who i hate) and the like.. and then it's canon forever. i love that word. so appropriate. etymologically.

canon (1) Look up canon at Dictionary.com
"church law," O.E., from L.L. canon, in classical L., "measuring line, rule," from Gk. kanon "any straight rod or bar; rule; standard of excellence," perhaps from kanna "reed" (see cane). Taken in ecclesiastical sense for "decree of the Church," and as such passed through L.L. to O.E. General sense of "standard of judging" is from c.1600.


off to wiki emma frost.


rchlll said...

i used to get so pissed off when someone messed up the order of my books and/or cds. XD i'm not that neurotic about them anymore, i kind of miss it.

and i need to read more x-men.

pave said...

hee x men is so convoluted plot wise that i often resort to wikipedia. its more gossip than gossip girl :D children from alternate dystopian futures and all that!