Tuesday, 10 August 2010

i spy..

my bangalore weekend in people i spied on.

"you want me dont you?" uncle
where: a cafe. uncle was sitting by himself in a corner reading a book with sunglasses on. you just know he carefully considered his attitude/posture/body language to display himself in as a desirable person (initially was attracted to the back of uncle's head... but his face didnt live up to it). he was also discreetly spying on us to pass the time. fair play. he was then temporarily visited by a hot young thing who stayed for a bit and then rode off on her bike. daughter? i think not...

the metrosexual poseurs
where: lunch/poshly restaurant. two fellows who would never fit into divya's chennai hot boy category, REALLY REALLY NO. they are the anti hot boy. firstly theyre probably from bangalore. shorts - good. obama chappals - bad. sunglasses as headband - worse. moisturiser - dubious. eyemakeup? - fuck no! all wrong. plus they made a beeline for the first solitary white boy they could find. ingratiators. it should be a word. also they had pointy gelled hair ><

girl in pink floral dress
where: same. the cutest little girl you ever saw. picturesqueness! short hair, long white dress with little pink flowers and a sash! just wandering about...hopping onto barstools when she felt like it. *sigh* there were loads of cute kids all over that place actually... mostly toddlers and bebes.

the i-spike-my-hair-up-into-a-point posse
where: pub. there were many high school chilluns hanging out at one table. they seemed that young anyway. they seemed normal enough. chilled out. then weird people kept joining the table. hot/bitchy girls. and this lot. identical pointy hair. random bling accessorising their tee ensembles. and they went everywhere together it seemed like.

i think im all that.
where: same. the above gang were later joined by this dude. he is his own category. but there are many like him i am sure. dresses all in black. some sort of beads around the neck for that mystical im a hippie drug lord touch. he think's he knows a guy who knows a guy who'll get you...whatever. he thinks the girls swoon for him. *coughdouchecough* fringe. hair brushed into face. but not in the brit way. thats a more i want it to look like the wind blew it into my eyes look. this is more i have straightened my hair so that my artistic fringe will nicely frame my face. also he'd make a nice austin powers movie extra. but his age probably excuses the vibe...unlike afore mentioned uncle. who has no excuse.

man who stepped out of the beach
where: same. foren man. sitting by self at a side table. with book. and earphones. total paranoia case. caught me trying to sneak a glimpse at the book cover (i always want to know what other people are reading..) and got this look like hidden assassins were after him. other mad beach style tourist types who want him to tell them the location of the beach. or people from the beach who are mad that he told others...



rchll said...

lol, i love your bitchy descriptions of douchey ppl. zey are priceless. XD & i hate pointy gelled hair, ewwww. most ppl who wear hair gel shouldnt be allowed anywhere near it.

pave said...


and yours are awesomely bitchy too! *highfive*

rchlll said...