Sunday, 25 July 2010

all we ever have is now

i listen to the flaming lips and think on the state of the universe.. it has been a week of meeting people i havent seen in a while. conclusion: no one changes.
Really. ever. the outside changes: people shrink down/wear clothes you dont expect them to. but in most cases, even that hasnt really changed. everyone looks the same. maybe it's because we're in our twenties..and really teenagers and 20somethings..who can tell the difference? but inside - people dont change. they think and say and do the same things. i find the predictability comforting. im quite opposed to change me.

other observations:
  • chiwetel ejiofor is the new tommy lee jones. (hard on the outside but soft on the inside pursuer of fugitives...) #salt
  • i still dont know exactly how to pronounce his name.. (imdb says it's: chew-it-tell edge-oh-for)
  • amethyst is like alice in wonderland.
  • romantic comedies as a genre are dying a slow death, probably because they're called rom-coms *rolls eyes*


Divya said...

i can haz moksha?

rchlll said...

people shrink down... OR GO POOF! yes, chikna, im looking at you. :p

pave said...

hehe! he might not read this XD

rchlll said...

no, he's too busy gulping down protein drinks.

Joint said...

LOL i miss you!

pave said...

hee that was me. wrong gmail id :)