Tuesday, 12 October 2010

yookay trip [airport + day 1]

yesterday was a narrowly avoided suckfest. plane was like an hour late leaving from chennai (technical issues and it left late from dubai to get to chennai - daft) and i was all stressed that we'd miss our connecting flight in dubai. but we ran. we go on (dubai to manchester). *phew*

got to preston. crashed.

today - woke at 8. planned to meet charmaine in manchester at 2. pics here.

saw boy who looked like a young (grumpy) ian curtis on the train to manchester. so cool. he was even dressed all in black. black tee. rosary tatt on his right forearm.

saw boy on the train back to preston with shaggy brown hair, ipod glasses and a vote for pedro tee. he got off at bolton. this is like a missed connections thing. except i dont think he saw me. i noticed the tee and figured he'd be good to converse with. how could he not be with that tee eh?

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