Tuesday, 19 October 2010


that was quite possibly the best wedding i have ever been to. mostly because they are so good together. also his mum was so happy she cried during her speech and there wasn't "a dry eye in the house". and there were bubbles (to blow) for the kids to play with. and they were pretty in the pictures too. so many little mixed race children everywhere! adorable much! they had their own table and everything...and many cute siblings too. mostly older sisters taking care of mental younger brothers. lovely. ohoh best quote of the day: "sabrina asked me where the bubbles were and i remembered they were in the toilet!" *giggles* :D kids are awesome!


rchll said...

oh, when will you update your blog againnn?

pave said...

i could now! :D found a note i wrote to myself in leeds. things i wanted to clog about then. i can try to remember. :D