Friday, 7 January 2011

first rule of the internet

you'd think i know this by now. but strangely it didn't occur to me. the first rule of the internet has got to be don't click on dubious links when parents/older people are in the room. or basically ever. and now a story. helped along by james van der FEELINGSTM.
so yeah. Chandru uncle was there and we were watching the scott pilgrim trailer on youtube to show him and mum the awesomeness of it. when he mentioned this charlie gets bit again thing. and so we watched that. my reaction:

yeah it was pretty funny. and i was all oh man i cant wait for ppl to make reaction vids to this (totally did not think this through...i was maybe thinking of some sort of vampire connection? what with the sparkly obsessions of everyone). and uncle mentioned some remix version and thennnn i randomly clicked on a link which was supposed to be a parody of it. bad idea. DUBIOUS LINK ALERT! which i totally ignored. turned out to be a random dudes-giving-head vid...i dont even want to go there. reminder: this is with my mum watching..OO my reaction:
ohnowai! is this what i think it is?!
holy crap it is!
then i clicked it away really quickly.
so this is like a slo-mo van der reenactment.
followed by: awkward!
ah well. embarrasment happens right? (i did the hysterical laughing it off thing) and i have so many embarrassing moments buried in my brain that it's pretty much past countableness now. happens. ah well i get a blog post out of it. and at least it was only chandru uncle and my mum (could've been worse. trust me.) and divya who doesn't count (i could click on dubious links with her around) and my reaction would be:
you know how it could've been worse. i just had a thought. we had more guests some time after the "incident" and they also mentioned the same vid.... yeah. it could've happened then! *phew*

many thanks james!
you sir are a god among gifs. and actors.
varsity blues - so good.


Divya said...

LOL! genuinely laugh out loud moment it was! reading this made me crack up again :D

Divya said...

and i love that dude! awesome gifs!

rchlll said...

lol irl