Thursday, 27 January 2011

let me feel you moving like they do in babylon

is there some prepared speech all hiphop ppl get off the interwebs somewhere? just got back from this thing at express avenue - hiphop ppl from texas. and they were all: this is hiphop 101..blahblah..4 elements of hiphop blah blah...which was almost word for word the same as what the hiphop tamizha dude said in his PKN presentation. anyhoo it was a bit much banter and attitude (oh look at me! im so cool! i strike a pose and clap for myself...that's cool right? right?). there was this long bit where this one guy was on the ground and they pretended he was a robot..who's battery had run down...*eyeroll*

hiphop tamizha are way cooler. respect. listen here.

mostly i thought of stuff id rather be watching live. the list: darren criss, starkids, mumford & sons, phish, willy mason, tunng, laura marling, the cast of step up 2 (see i like dance!..or maybe just step up 2...i have irrational love for that movie *sigh*), w00tstock, comic-con panels, jake shimabukuro, joco...

but before the dance part of the evening... a weird thing happened. as they seem to do to me. its like theres something about me that makes people want to prank me. i was just having a brownie by myself (waiting for people) at gloria jean's when this random dude sits down opposite me at my table. im trying to give him the wtf-is-wrong-with-you-dude-death-glare but he's avoiding making eye contact. and then he sighs in this ahh contentment manner. and then gets up and walks past me muttering: life is good. *shrug* way to get your kicks dumbass! i was more amused than annoyed but still.. W-T-F.

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