Tuesday, 3 May 2011

what i like about music

an analysis/list of some things i enjoy in songs.
  • long/unusual words eg. 'denouement', 'secateur', 'rarefied', 'insidious', 'frigidaire'...  (guess the songs!) - it's just the love of a good rhyme i guess :D
  • when lyrics narrowly escape making sense - i'm not talking gibberish lines, just lines that almost make sense. mostly lots of beatles/bohemian rhapsody/freelance whales...
"I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in / and stops my mind from wandering / where it will go" (fixing a hole)
"My ears are blown to bits from all the rifle hits/but still i crave that sound" (giving up the gun)
  •  clapping/whistling/laughter - it's a case of it being really human as opposed to manufactured beats and things or even people playing instruments..there's a certain regularity about that - timing. these are more likely to be a tiny bit off and the idea of that appeals to me. 
  • wonky singing - i dig the sort of singing that isn't about hitting the high notes and how long a note can be.. eg. joanna newsom, cyndi lauper, marianne faithfull...
  • harmonies! eg. the beach boys, mumford & sons, hanson...
  • unabashedly catchy things eg. mcfly! i am remembering that reality show that found leads singers for bands, the inxs season: there was this dude who said something along the lines of "if you can predict how the line should end...you should come up with something else" and to me that's just forcing it. why resist the logical ending? i like being able to listen to a song once and halfway through start singing along. like:
"Don't you want the way i feel/Don't you want the way i feel/Don't you want the way i feel..for you?' (don't you) 
but the strange thing is i seem to look for the exact opposite when it comes to songs in musicals!
..also this is hugely incomplete and most of the music i listen to is probably nothing like this. *shrug* :)


mannequin said...

Nice post this was :)

rchlll said...

what's this grooveshark thing? is it like spotify but actually free?

pave.m said...

@maryann danke! you should do one like it!
i was just on your blog, wheres this sugar hut place? (divya has been craving cupcakes for weeks now)

@rachellle it lets you search for songs and play them...is that what spotify does? and yes it is free.

rchlll said...

yes, they seem to be pretty similar. maybe i'll join this grooveshark thingie then.