Thursday, 21 April 2011

welcome to the blodcast

in the mood to throw things away. be brutal. managed to finally ditch a kurta i bought around 2003/04. it held up really well. shout out to fab india! this is my blog post that will be conducted like a podcast... so just imagine me saying this right? right. moving along. i have paused in the middle of the big clean to do this blodcast (less gruesome than it sounds i promise). i might even do dinner then tackle the last shelf. for now there is a pile of socks before me and i have tough decisions to make. who makes the cut? who gets a second lease of life - sock puppets? who's gone forever? feet friends, you have served me well. and long. and it's time for us to part. i feel like i should sing a song here.


what kind should i make?
but i'm not going to. but speaking of songs! (segue!!) i was pondering the difference between songwriting for a musician and a musical. it's all about context. a musical song co exists with a plot. a random song is allowed to be abstract. but does a musical song make any kind of sense to someone who has no idea of the context? mostly yes. because music in that case is like dialogue in a way. it's a story song. like 'tommy' - i havent seen the movie but i feeeeel the album.

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