Friday, 23 December 2011

3 things

reading (a storm of swords part II) blood and gold. about 1/3rd of the way in and 3 people are dead already. i forgot the "no one is safe" rule. anyone can die, anytime. i forgot and it snuck up on me. total WTF moment.

watched a christmas play. some of the same actors as last year. really well done for a local church production. detailed sets. people really cared about making it entertaining. i'd go again next year! it's fun spotting the same people year after year... 

one of the actors reminded me of tracie thoms. but googling tracie thoms christmas songs yields not that much... i really want to hear the tracie thoms version of white christmas. rewatched all 13 episodes of wonderfalls so the need for tracie has come to me. i want more thoms in my life! 

preferably tracie thoms and lee pace. in the same thing. again. *sigh* that would be glorious! what say santa? 

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