Friday, 30 December 2011

i've been sobbing over fictional characters again

watched the second half of north & south again. richard armitage doing his broody thing.. and that heavenly voice and accent. the long 'a's (wiki says he's a leicester man :) the 'a's did remind me of selby!).  baked a caked in the microwave which we have discovered also has some oven-like properties. turned out alright. chocolate banana cake. just the thing for this weather we're having. rain rain all day long. :) and now i'm mentally swooning over mr armitage's acting prowess, his distinctive silhouette, dreamy eyes... so pretty.

what now? back to my book i go. now on book 4 of the song of ice and fire series: a feast for crows. this seems to be the one that's especially full of/about strong female characters. asha greyjoy (i love her! she reminds me of vidya balan), brienne of tarth, margaery tyrell, cersei lannister (i hate her! she things she's so clever but she's not), the sand snakes, arianne martell, arya stark, sansa stark, gilly...

speaking of which: thornton's mum! - what a woman. i'm so glad i finally have the dvd. good buy.

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