Monday, 16 February 2009

hans yo' da man!

listening to: the overthinkingit podcast
waiting for: the the latest bones episode to load [im all caught up with LOST]
saturday. so madras.
beached: chilli fries and chicken wings with kuttu, zivya and dee

alliance-francaised: chocolate cake, banana cake and coffee [that was just me, one of each] with kuttu [she had four pieces of the choc cake, which i realised only when the bill was being made, im am so jelus..i wanted a second piece! i did! just thot that wud be a bit hoggy of time i am so going for it! 4 pieces here i thinking we shud just buy the whole cake and split it...its made by this guy on the spot :D and he always smells of baking] and her friends

madras terrace housed: with kuttu and more of her was a play/reading thing by this woman and we were late so we caught the last 10-15 mins of it...and then there was a q&a bit which i prefer to call the session of self congratulation...another woman blathered on about how great it was and how she's seen it seventeen times [at which point i looked over at kuttu and she was laughing and i was laughing...and yeah not good :)] performed in different locations because how could she sit at home and do nothing, when such a great work of art was out there being viewed by people not herself...

^! cool huh?

[speaking of art, there were these cool paintings on the walls by hans kaushik - one of my childhood heroes, i pretty much watched star wars and had yoda remind me of hans kaushik, just in that he's like this hippie wise man].
i wud put up photos except theyre on my phone...and i have to locate the software that goes with it before it can be connected to my dads laptop...we'll see...

sunday. flights.
was so gleed to get a surprise [they asked me to step aside for a minute and of course i imagined much to do with how they suspected me of being a terrorist] upgrade to business class.


Slippery Reflections said...

hehe nice! business class! the facing each other-ish seats? so much better to fly that way!
hans, why haven't i met him yet? madras is sposed to be interconnected no?
uncle's vibe has vanished. he's normal and cute again :D

pave said...

oui yes the facing seats :) and there was no one in the autre seat...i watched movie after movie and didnt sleep :)
im sure uv seen him about the plc...once i saw him at a dance class talking about how theatre is like dance bladibla :)