Sunday, 1 February 2009

eee by gum!

reading: the tales of beedle the bard/various news articles on hugo chavez. felt to do some researches after watching bbc today (conclusion: all politicians get lost in the politics...there can be no objective, one right view...can u trust anything written? i have learnt the snicket/munich lesson well). i feel all bouncy and active this sunday morn :) did laundry, dishes, cleared my room and now off to bath and then the atm for i am penniless again.

listening to: songs from or related to the history boys, stopped myself from looping rufus again :) but 'my funny valentine' is still on my playlist, so it does come around with some regularity (like now) #yet you're my favourite work of your figure less than greek? is you mouth a little weak? when you open it to speak, are you smart? (i can never actually hear this part...sounds more like ah you smile) dont change a hair for me...not iiiif you caaare for me#

watched tv for a bit, annie was on (the old good version, with the cute as a button annie and a actually bald daddy warbucks..unlike the hideosity that is the new one)

#the sun will come out tomorrrowwwww...
bet your bottom dolllar that tomorrrrrow there'll be suuunn....tommmmooorrrrrrowww....toomorrrrrowwww,
i love ya! tomorrrrrrrowwwwww you'rrrrre only a daaaaay awayyyyyy#

hehe i love the corniness, i caught the part where she sings it to the president (FDR) and his wife and then the four of them sing it together (FDR/eleanor/daddy/annie) XD

tim curry vs alan cummings?? are u kidding me?

and now the discovery of the day!
lemony snicket's new story read by everyone's favourite doctor
(hint: he's got a phd in horribleness).

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