Thursday, 5 February 2009

wish me luck as you wave me goodbye!

wats weirder than the absence of parents [them being in the uk, me being here] is the presence of someone else [my aunt is here at the mo] now my aunt has asked me twice already if i want help with my packing. which would never happen normally. as the parentals already know how finicky i am with my packing. it must be just so. and it must be done by me :)

complex packing...for i am moving in with divya as well as packing for to go to madras and then straight on to the need to make sure i pack everything in the right plc. cannot leave imp stuff i need to take to foren lands at divyas plc...wud not be good at all! also doing some weird figuring out what files i need to put on my pen drive... [not packing laptop or cds in the spirit of minimalism...but yet i must have my illustrator files and essential music :)]

it goeth alright i think...will only know when i land up and go omfg how cud i have been so stooopid!


rachellle said...

ten days! ten days! *bounce bounce*

pave said...

yippieyay! when are you back from your trip?

rachellle said...

i'm back now. ^^

Slippery Reflections said...

i have been exposed! i opened my suitcase in hyd with other ppl around and they gasped at how ghastly my packing skills were. :/ so i just shrugged and said i know EXACTLY where everything is. this female even offered to organise my bag for me. lol! CALL ME! i need to talk to you.