Thursday, 19 March 2009

#you saw her bathing on the roof/her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you#

i watched the watchmen.


superhero sex [to the sound of leonard cohen's hallelujah! -choir and all] is hilarious [take my word for it, funnier than puppet sex] yes its pretty darn cheesy [good cheesy] in the comic but this was just over the top belly laugh material..mostly because of the song [hallelujah sex! and all that...]. way to highlight the cheese :) but it was also one of the moments where i agreed with the song choice. it worked with the moment. added to the mood. there were some bits which really did not need the over the top *cough* commerical number...
good movie. not the book. the book is better. duh.
ps. comic book sex is hot. it was only cheesy because it involved dan and laurie.

book/movie laurie annoys me. ^just a thought. less annoying XD more entertaining.

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