Friday, 6 March 2009

suliet/jate/skate/jacket quadrangle O_O ?!!

the lost wiki shows off the hideosity of the names given to many of the pairings...the main problem is they're hybrids a la 'tomkat' *barf* and their names just dont combine well. eg: suliet, jate -WTF!
...and so here are some new ones!
[sawyer-style nicknames]
current: suliet
mine: jaffacake
because they are just so yummy...and sawyer's new name reminded me of jim jam biscuits [and the wiki reveals to me that the disturbing ben/juliet thing is called 'jujube']...anyhoo jaffa cakes are biscuit and candy. watch 'lafleur' then we can reanalyse the appropriateness of this name. you'll see.

autres...current: jate
mine: whitestripes
jack white, kate's convict they're very pale. and emo. and omg we have to go back kate. omg where's aaron? omg dont talk to me about him ok?? ok!!

current: charladay, darlotte
mine: drpepper
geek boy and red :)

current: skate
mine: heatstroke
i can has oozing hate for this pairing?
i wanted to call it sunstroke...but that had the name 'sun' in it...very misleading...this aptly describes how i feel about kate and her suckage of all the coolness out of sawyer. it's comparable to the rory/logan scenario.

this betta catch on! im going to keep using them there! ;)

ps. just realised that jaffacake vs heatstroke is a lot like cake or death[?]! hee!


rachellle said...

Rory/Logan pisses me off. Ewwww...

pave said...

i know! he's so ken doll!

pave said...
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