Wednesday, 18 March 2009

man bag - a bag for men

the results are in:
man bags - 60
backpacks - 60
duffels - 5
no bag - 35
random survey time!
was thinking about things ill miss when im in hair brushed into eyes hairstyles and man bags! which led to me sitting outside the union counting off the number of fellows with man bags, duffels, backpacks and sans bag. refer photograph below for my definition of a man bag. basically not a briefcase with a strap. a bag specifically made for men to carry like a hand bag. on one shoulder. as opposed to a bag for the back. hee i did see a coupla guys with really girly man bags. really borderline handbag affairs. mostly the duffellers were the sporty sorts but one...looked big enough for a gun. s'all im saying. and lots of guys seem not to have the need to carry stuff about at all.
to continue: man bags range from plain cloth ones (sometimes with badges on), lovely worn leather ones, ishtyle colourful ones with vespas and rainbows on... ohh and the important part! only men carry man bags. i could buy a man bag and carry it around. but then it would cease to be a man bag.

so does the sort of bag you carry say anything about you (other than the amount of stuff you have/need) requires further in depth study i say!


rachellle said...

but they're just... bags.

Anonymous said...

I am the proud owner of a man bag.

pave said...

@rachellle 'man' bags :D

@tangywolf what do you love about your man bag? :)

rachellle said...

ok, then i own a 'woman' bag. :p