Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Gus, je t'aime.

watched 'paris je t'aime' yesterday. so beautiful. many short filums which make one seamless movie. my faves were 'le marais' -the gus van sant one, the natalie portman one...

anyhoo was cheking out where id seen the gus van sant bois before [such gus van sant faces they have...the sort where they dont have to move, can just sit there...and im perfectly happy to just sit and watch them...i guess the word would be beautiful people. but thats wrong. its more than that. a certain sort of stillness] this one was like gus van sant fast fwd. i dont think theres even been that much dialogue in that little space in a gus van sant movie [mebbe good will hunting] ...but still theres the gus van sant ponderous stillness that hangs over the whole thing [lol i sound mental...] for some photas!

gaspard ulliel/elias mcconnell [a very long engagement/elephant]
and...more of them and [previously/scroll up!] them in 'le marais' [paris je t'aime]

ps. also loved elijah as a vampire [beautiful shiny red blood] and the one with the boi and muslim chick and her cute grandpa.

pps. when i was on the train in leeds saw so many gus like people...felt to stare girl sitting right in front of me. and a couple of fellas.

ppps. some gorjuss dialogue from it. imdb provides :)

Gaspard: [in french]
You believe in soul mates? Finding your other half? You like jazz? Charlie Parker... and Kurt Cobain. I love him! Whatever. Here's my number. I'd really like to talk with you, if you call me, more seriously and... for longer, especially. [leaves]

anyway point being. i want to be like that. proactive.


Slippery Reflections said...

hehe i did exact same research and found out that he was in that long engagement thing. pretty boy.

thesilentq said...

i know..wat a difference hair makes...i wudnt have realised twas same boi i dont think. ah the power of imdb :D