Thursday, 13 August 2009

adventures of a comic book geek

omg i almost forgot to mention the awesome things that happened to me at forbidden planet (i r going to miss leeds :( *sob*)...1. i was by the new issues shelf looking at comics...and these 2 guys are doing the same and one of them exclaims how theres this something about comics, how they say pick me up and buy me..and he said with such longing and my preciousssss.... (scroll down and look at the young liars cover - i had to have it!)

2. i was by the back issues cartons picking out comics and this middle aged dude with a giant duffel to rival my bulging backpack, sits down to do the same and starts up a convi with "iv been doing this a lot longer than you..." cause he's old and i havent been alive as long. so fun. he went on to tell me about how the covers blend into each other and the hard part is avoiding duplicates. i can see myself getting there someday :) he's got a notebook...and spreadsheets!

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rachellle said...

Aw, comic geeks. ^^