Friday, 21 August 2009

notes on my phone

this is all the stuff i felt to note down on my phone for later/ponderage/bloggage/whatnot.
  • hindus burial ground - road name in blore...just weird. hindus dont get buried.
  • im'onna - its the way everyone on how i met your mother says i'm going to
  • headphones on. sandwich eating. macho men. - story idea.
theres also
  • a list of things to buy from here to take to there.
  • a reminder to pay ajit uncle for a blore to madras train ticket.
  • my work email password
  • an idea for a card
  • dee's address
  • my dad's work details, other ppls contact details..
  • a dream i had about ed westwick/chuck bass.
the dream
he was in the room and the tv was in the next room and i spotted chuck [on the tv] and got happy and just then realised that i was in a room with ed westwick and other people had not realised it was him and said some i hate chuck bass/he's ugly type things while hitting on him at the same time. he was obv pained.
met kristin, she had some fundoo recipe on her website for making cakes shaped like he-man? something like that. not marzipan, actual cake. impressive.

^beeteedoubleyoo this is a really old dream.


Rachellle said...

so why is there a road called "hindus burial ground"?

lol, chuck bass.

pave said...

its a complete mystery.

and yeah chuck bass. :D

susie r said...

I have not yet had a dream about Chuck Bass. I feel that would bring my straight-on for him to a worrying level. :)

pave said...

but you cant control what you dream im not that worried :D