Tuesday, 3 November 2009

conor - now and then

I'll be rooting for you
Like my favorite team
If somebody sweats you
You just point them out to me
(milk thistle, 2008)...............................
..............................And if the lava monster came,
I would block its flame from hurting you
From hurting you
(lava monster, 1994)
so that's 14 to 28?

he hasnt changed. im thinking the blocking the flame of the metaphorical lava monster is still part of his overall philosophy. its possible that lava monster listenage yesterday made me dream of bright red dragons. they hatched out of eggs and like the dinos in jurassic park, learnt from experience and got more deadly with time... could be killed with the holy words which werent traditionally holy...i dont remember what they were but possibly along the lines of din's rat bastard thing.

the scene:

sunil has made off with the wrong bag of delivered food (biriyani)
din calls him on the phone to make him come back and begins with:

rat bastard!

instant classic.


rachellle said...

Haha, that is so true! Awww, Conor. He'll have a place in my heart forevaaarrr. <3

What do you think of Monsters of Folk? I listened to "Say Please" and I thought it was kinda boring. :/ I wanna hear the whole album before I judge them though.

I wish I had cool dreams that I could remember.

pave said...

its a good soothing album for when your mind is disturbed and you need a lazy afternoon... i like magic marker and temezcal.

pave said...

also i usually remember dreams better when i keep a notebook next to my pillow for immediate noteage. but sometimes they come back to me in the loo :)