Saturday, 14 November 2009


so yeah here's the skinny on 2012. it should have been called everyone (including gordon) dies so that john cusack and amanda peet can hook up again.

this is gordon
you know gordon is doomed from the moment when he's in a supermarket with amanda peet and theyre discussing their relationship and feeling a distance between them and then the floor cracks apart jumanji style.
anyhoo g2g.
coming soon:
the tale of how i traumatised other movie goers by yelling die bitches! and drink the tea!


rachellle said...

You yelled in the cinema? Tsk tsk, manners Pave!

pave said...

this aint the uk cherie. its a right adventure going to the cinema. you never know who could be sitting behind you doing god knows what annoying thing. which obviously gives you license to be as annoying as possible when watching a movie as sucky as 2012.