Monday, 16 November 2009

2012:jimi mistry is not indian!


the facts. jimi mistry is british. he's from scarborough. he's a yorkshire-man. alec guinness was a better indian than he could ever be. also indians do not all dress like gandhi. 2012 started off ok. it was only his apu-esque accent that was wrrrrong. but then he attempted to speak hindi...and dressed like gandhi as he was about to die in a tidal wave. and overused the phrase 'my friend'
-thank you my friend.
-goodbye my friend.
blah blah blah.
shut the fuck up.

ps. Alec Guinness simply had no heart or stomach to play professor Godbole,
a Kashmiri Pandit, in his friend David
Lean's 1984 movie,
A Passage to India.
'It (the part) shouts for Hindu,' Guinness told Lean...



I haven't seen 2012. Thought it seemed like one of those apocacrappy films. Buuut, I lol'd irl at the second pic. He looks so stooopiiiid!

I haven't seen A Passage to India either, but I wonder if Alec Guinness got to play a lot of ~*ethnic*~ roles, because he was Prince Faysal in Lawrence of Arabia. A film I love in a fangirly fashion, btw.

pave said...

it was totally apocrappy. but a lot of laughs. i am such an alec guinness fangirl, he could have been cast as a unicorn and id be on board with that.