Tuesday, 12 January 2010


quality snooker today. shaun murphy and stephen hendry both. final score 6 - 4 (best of 11). it almost went to 5 - 5 with a decider. murphy took the 10th frame with 3 balls on the table. potted the blue and that was it. wrenching stuff. the commentators kept using the words 'top drawer' to describe the play and form of the 2. wonder where that comes from... there was also a load of reference to 'leicester rhyming slang' like.. 'forrest' as in forrest gump... think it had something to do with being a in world of trouble... i dont really know.
they also did a flashback to 2003 doherty vs hunter. was i sad. so sad.
anyway now all my hopes rest on selby. selby ftw!

dont know about the 'leicester' kind, acc to cockney rhyming slang forrest means shit. the verb.

Mince PiesEyesShe got beatiful minces.
they used this one when talking about hendry "nothing wrong with his mince pies"
forrest gump was also to do with hendry...
Forrest GumpDump (shit)"Off out in 10 minutes?" "Yeah, just got to have a Forrest first".
...i dont know. i need to be reminded of the context.

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