Friday, 15 January 2010

masters snooker - predictions!

ok so ronnie beat ebdon, and williams beat murphy :) alls well in the world. todays matches are:
  • maguire v day
  • selby v allen
...the first match i really dont care. didnt watch either of their matches in the first round and so have no idea what sort of form they're in. so im saying nothing. either.
selby's got to win i think.. because really allen only won cause higgins was off his game. and he knows it too. but selby, now he's a man in the zone. gorjuss long potting. gorjuss everything.
im rooting for a final between williams and selby. which means i think mark's going to beat ronnie. setting up a final where im going to torn between.. the marks! lol just realised they have the same first name! allen's a mark too XD

ps. i dont really know why iv taken ronnie out of the equation. its probably cause him being so down on himself is catching. really he's got every chance of beating williams. i must be realistic about this.

turned out steve davis was right it was rocket vs jester in the final and mark won :) so happy.