Monday, 18 January 2010

st elmo's fiiiire

Jules: Don't you enjoy anything anymore... like girls?
Kevin: I enjoy being afraid of Russia. It's a harmless fear, but it makes America feel better, Russia gets an inflated sense of national worth from our paranoia. How's that?

my love affair with 80s movies (mostly starring molly ringwald) continues! and in the absence of anyone to talk to, i am live tweeting/blogging my viewing of st elmo's fire. all because i was watching gilmore girls and lorelai mentioned rob lowe fake playing the sax and the good days of andrew mccarthy and i was hooked. and she's right. absolute classic. so far its got -

  • a glimpse of kevin bacon? or was i imagining things...
  • judd nelson and ally sheedy - together. thats pretty much out of a breakfast club fanfic right there (they're even in matching pjs).
  • andrew mccarthy singing along to aretha in a fedora (and shades, while playing the bongos!).
  • ...and demi moore just told him he's gay and in love with judd nelson LOL
  • ooh do i sense an upcoming mccarthy/sheedy hookup?
  • 80s movies are so cynical and realistic.. marriages never work. rob lowe has a wife and child and also relationships with girls in bars (also the plain, blonde, old friend girl)...judd wants ally to marry him because he just cheated on her with a sales girl while buying her a kinky nightgown. marriage to make him faithful and all that. andrew is the requisite love-is-a-crock man. but being an 80s movie i sense the ending sees them all set up with happily ever after endings (just the way i like it).
  • stir fried vegetables/wok as ashtray
  • oooooh TWWWIIIIIST rob lowe (billy)'s wife (the little missus) is a hottie and she's at the bar with another man, while billy plays sax. bar fight!...and now they're making out! (th'married couple)
  • judd and ally have a high fidelity moment as they fight over records
i wont spoiler the ending but it ends as it should.

cons: i miss molly ringwald ...and james spader's sneery face.
but you cant have everything :)


rachellle said...

i didn't read the spoilery bit. ;)
i'm gonna try to find this!

pave said...

you can come back and read it, once youve watched it :D the version i found online is really good quality.

rchlll said...

yes, i could. where did you find it?

pave said... stagevu :)

rchlll said...

thank youuuu!

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Anonymous said...

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