Saturday, 3 July 2010


watched half of episode 2 series 1 of skins (cassie) before megavideo died on me. realised watching people not eat makes me really hungry. she was demonstrating her anorexia with his food... *shudder* pushing it around and everything.. creepy. i am so hungry right now. cant wait to devour lunch. except drama happening. new cook. painters working outside. there may be paint traces in chicken not having it. sigh. just when i was thinking no chips in sight. at least i have chicken. well leftovers sound good too :D


rchlll said...

haha, cassie is such a disturbing character.

pave said...

yeah especially the way she says 'coool! wow! yeah!' in this obviously fake happy way... im near the end of the first season. anorexics playing scrabble - uber disturbing.
she's also adorable tho.