Thursday, 4 November 2010

leeds art gallery thoughts

id written this down on the back of a postcard i picked up in leeds (things to blog about):

•art gallery people
•more than words/nick cave
•well realised feet.

...but that was a couple weeks ago and i dont really remember what it is i wanted to say about art gallery people. i remember dashing in to use the loo... :s but i do remember about more than words! now that is a song that really really needs a nick cave version. something that sounds less soulfully pop (its a bloody depressing song if you think about it) ..and more like red right hand!

..and as i was leaving the gallery, walked passed this statue (bronze?) lifesize, of a couple sitting on a bench side by side. the figures were really abstract and just shapes resembling humans really. but then the feet were all detailed. ankles. toenails. the whole deal. i thought it was beautiful and goes with my theory of people's feet (posture) refecting the way they're feeling.

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