Wednesday, 29 December 2010

dream: prancing cera

me and divya were in this awesome shiny white old of those chrome jobs. like so:
it was night and divya was driving down this dark road sort of like last highway but less creepy and with more traffic. think it was meant to be LA. and there's this pedestrian running down the road right in front of our car like it's perfectly normal. and it's michael cera! in a black hoodie/tee and grey/khakhi running shorts. and i roll down the windscreen and say hello. we're stopped in traffic so he reaches through and hugs me and divya and does the whole so nice to meet you thing. but like he's genuinely made new friends. he's a good hugger. we ditch the car and decide to walk to the concert which coincidentally he's also going to. many ppl playing at the pyramid hall. i think we were going for freelance whales but coldplay was also playing...anyhoo he knows his way around and shows us in...but we cant get seats all together and he has to go do famous people stuff. and im sitting by this middle aged indian lady (35?) and her many relatives come by and say hi to me...and im a bit disgruntled because of the change in mood. i look up and altho we're in a medium sized room shaped like this:
the roof is a glass pyramid lit up pretty.

cera's making an announcement of some sort and calls us up on stage...and then somehow the place floods and then it's just the two of us (me and michael) trying to use the wooden stage as a giant raft. bickering like we're on the amazing race :) it's day and there are trees and things..


Divya said...

I'd really like that car!

pave.m said...

me also. esp with the roll down windscreen ;D