Sunday, 5 December 2010


i watch a lot more videos of people playing uke/guitar now that i have a uke. i think the thing i've got to sort out in my own playing is more to do with my brain than my hands. I've got to let one hand do it's own thing while letting the other do another thing. chords vs. strumming. they are kind of independent of each an extent. one goes on. one changes. got to get my left brain sorted out. got to get it to stop thinking so much.

i have way less trouble with picking. which makes sense. have to think about both hands at the same time. synching things up. makes more sense to my brain than the staying out of each other's way sort of thinking.

hee it's like that movie - i think it was called idle hands - with the excellent trailer "the story of a boy ...and his hand" LOL.


rchlll said...

"the story of a boy ...and his hand" lolol wtf!

pave.m said...

makes the whole crappy movie worth it! XD