Friday, 3 December 2010

ok-go gymming

i was at the gym listening to the overthinkingit podcast and thinking on how i should have more friends in the city and then all of a sudden discovered how to make the treadmill fun. the podcast got over and i switched to listening to modest mouse etc. and there was only one lady there and i started doing this half jog-half dance thing. proper workout and awesomely fun! and when she left i cut loose with some ok-go. :D best best idea! the place was super empty there i was with this loovely view of the pool and outside and ...did a little improvised dance all over the room! god how do people walk/run on the treadmill when this is so much better! total high. got that all's right with the world feeling after ..and why georgia came on the radio (best car song ever!) w00t :) i even had myself a little (500) days of summer moment with that hall and oats song... yeah i hope the club doesnt have cctv XD

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