Sunday, 27 March 2011


the last time i did this was with blur. last year? or the year before... watched this blur docu, then got into listening to anything blur related in addition to blur ie. graham coxon, gorillaz, the good, the bad and the queen... and now i'm on a vampire weekend kick (fact: they opened for blur once!) and it's leading me to some really good shit. first i found p-i-z-z-a p-(a)-r-t-y and i seriously thought that was as good as it gets :D Ezra's rap duo pre-vampire weekend (or VW as people refer to them in comments...)!! what's better than white boy rapping eh? eh? turns out discovery - rostam's side thing with wesley miles - OMG! i am swooning for this.  oh i almost forgot to mention the best part - that rap duo, it was called l'homme run according to Ezra's it's a "play on words" XD

l'homme run's mascot
...yeah i also swoon for how sometimes he can ramble on in this highly articulate fashion about the different connotations of the word contra and other times be completely monosyllabic.

Interviewer: What is your idea of a perfect holiday?
Ezra: Easter.

before this turns into an Ezra Koenig appreciation post...let me give you something to ponder on: for halloween, Chris Baio once dressed up as a naughty french maid...very naughty... chew on that!


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