Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

let me ponder the ways in which i might be driven to the strange side by being stuck in a bad work/life scenario. there are 3 options: mental, alcoholic or dead. it would have to be a case when things get bad and stay bad so all sense of possible escape is lost.

my hypothetical imaginings: this is the resigned to my fate state of mind. where you want to say fuck this shit but cant. headaches will turn into babbling, black-outs (loss of time) and eventually a nice bed in white room being asked if i can remember my name...

wherein i do say to myself fuck this shit. and start taking a hip flask into meetings. full on captain haddock it. pour shots for the entire conference table from my "kit" - complete with actual shot glasses.

just quietly conk off one day. found dead slumped over a table where it looks like a simple headdesk but actually it's the final destination.

of the 3 (if ever the badness takes over) alcoholism is the by far the likeliest.

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