Sunday, 8 January 2012

Caught in a landslide, No escape from reality

in a red state of mind. watched it yesterday, but have been listening to the red state of the union podcast (the episodes with each of the 3 boys and the kerry bishé one). there's something magic about michael angarano that makes people want to repeat over and over what an amazing actor he is. they all do it. and it's not really his movie. but you remember him. like in almost famous. there is no movie without "man, hey man, you take care of her man" (i paraphrase, to be accurate it is: “Hey, man! Take good care of her in San Francisco! …Man!”).

i think red state is the reason i did not love drive as much as other people seem to. although i watched red state after drive, that is the sort of acting that i am into. what these people do with kevin smith's words... and you can pause and imagine kevin smith saying the words. and go teehee how awesome that he fucking wrote (edited and directed) this! i am so excited for hit somebody. cannot wait.

and i love ryan gosling (usually)...but in drive he wasn't a person. he wasn't real. why doesn't he like it when people talk to him? why does he like carey mulligan? why does he have that creepy ass blue tile in his kitchen?

but kerry bishé, i know why she's the crazy religious nut she is. who also wants to save the "babies". she is so good! (i am in love with kerry bishé now) and i liked marc blucas popping up an agent. he's the ultimate police/military person. he is that. he's the good little soldier. ever since he was riley finn :)

riley in buffy - i wasnt a fan (team spike all the way!). in the comic - i'm starting to like him. ish. maybe. marc blucas - i like. i like seeing him in a non buffy context and thinking to myself "oh hello there, riley finn!"

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