Saturday, 28 January 2012

open your eyes, look up to the skies and see

movies watched

the bong connection
      sex and the city 2     
the descendants
midnight in paris
one day
red state 
horrible bosses


the ides of march

from worst to best
11. sex and the city 2 - i have nothing to say. i was bored. i knew what i was getting myself into :|
10. melancholia - arty, slow-moving, crapola.
9. drive - this is mostly a case of disappointment. i was expecting crazy, stupid, love. gosling (crazy cool! music plays! he wears suits! and he's funny.) and got creepy, silent, violent gosling instead. 
8. the descendants - so dull. no moments stand out. none. has everyone gone mad? why the raving? why the oscar noms? o0
7. one day - sappy romance (usually i love!) ruined by the stupid ending.
6. horrible bosses - funny.
5. ceremony - lee pace! 
4. the ides of march - solid.

3. the bong connection - suprisingly good. good acting. good bong music. and the best part. the accents were right. not some simpsons thing that the american actors they managed to find put on. must endeavour to watch it from the beginning. missed all the bits where grandfather aka. soumitra chatterjee (my love!) was actually alive. extra cool because the main character's name is apu.

apu and rita

2. midnight in paris - woody allen doing his thing. it works :)
1. red state - OMG. watch it. watch it now. it will blow your mind. 

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