Sunday, 8 June 2008

why i <3 geek podcasts...

...cause i do! cause im a geek. and listening to detailed rant/analysis is way funner than reading a blog cause you can hear the voice[s] and imagine a whole scenario of what they might be doing and wearing while talking [movie in head]...and usually theres more than one person doing the its a dialogue/conversation rather than speech [right now am listening to the overthinking it podcast about the new indiana jones movie...they are discussing the complex workings of the bomb - physics plus movies! yes yes!-that 70s show reference - and whether the scene was just lucas wanting to see indy staring down at a mushroom cloud? or does it have a larger significance in that it shows what could happen if he doesn't save the world...] plus people discussing things which arent serious in a serious manner is just the best...and they know what they're doing and not taking themselves too seriously :) so its like anti politics...anti the shit of the world [a political argument can lead to depression at the state of the world]

...once at uni i overheard these two guys discussing werewolves and zombies and the rules that govern them...whether or not the zombie version of your best friend is still your best friend..or all killer! how can anything be better than that? you avoid old age mind deterioration by deep thought...but never take yourself seriously enough to drive yourself insane :) and its funnn!

plus by being insanely obsessed with something you lead yourself to random information that you would have never have come across otherwise and then become really brainy...and when ur having a brainy discussion with someone you can shock and amaze the room by coming out with this weird bit of knowledge...

plus me dissecting movies and suchlike to death just annoys parentals who happen to be in the line of fire of my brain and mouth…and listening to a podcast instead [
with people who dissect way more than i do] just makes more sense! not that it stops me from ranting on... :s

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