Monday, 2 June 2008


it rains.

i read.
just finished extremely loud & incredibly close. [so booti..i have no words]

i watch.
right now clerks II.
yesterday i watched clerks and jay and silent bob strike back. cause i just couldnt resist once i was done with clerks. needed a bigger dose. and i love finding new connections. kevin smith thanked richard linklater in the credits of clerks! its like im playing a massive game of six degrees of separation and everything everything is linked. [note to self: must watch slackers] waiting for the vid to load as am watching online. and joblessly typing up this blog post. which is funny. as so many of the jokes have to do with blogs and flaming people etc. and how the internet is just a place where ppl rant about movies and share porn :) ha ha this movie has a dance routine in it! omg the ending - merry!

imagine if harrison ford was in jay and silent bob strike back as well! i could die happy.

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Divya said...

haha merry! like anyone will get that! lol! that's our CODE! don't break the rules!