Sunday, 1 June 2008


hee cannot wait for the 2 part lost finale tonight [parts 2 and 3 of 3]! just went back and read my blabberations about lost after season much has changed...i like ben now :) even made a ben/locke waper for my lappie. he's the coolest. has the best lines. and you know he's always going to come out on top unlike stupid dr "men expert" jack who ends up off island wanting to come back...still hate kate, still love juliet. and locke is the man. there was one completely awesome dezzie epi. sawyer is awesome, how cares bout hugo and claire...charlotte is annoying [love the way sayid says her name tho: char-lot] omg alpert visiting locke as a boy!
..what rocks: sayid+nadia, what sucks: she dies :(
top 5 characters:
1. ben 2. locke 3. sawyer 4. dezzie 5. alpert
extremely loud & incredibly close - jonathan safran foer
love half way thru already and its a fat one :D completely joyous reading experience [not talking about content but style] theres a lovely author pic at the back...completely perfect. goes with the book.


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