Thursday, 15 January 2009


having a gloomy gus of a day...which was briefly made better by watching many many videos of ralph fiennes/house/joss whedon doing a funny sexy walk/the oc...and then got gloomier because i was googling jeremy piven and john cusack and the internet says they havent been friends since 2007 (yes im a little late...). die. why my idea of life is based upon people i do not know...i do not know. but it is. a bit. everytime i hear that something i had faith in doesnt exist anymore. a little piece of the shiny image i have of the world shatters. like dr horrible i wake up slowly to the hideosity of a world without constants such as cusack and piven. i remember when for years and years (in english papers and moral science and such like) when i had to essay about my favourite memory (yeah exams can be retarded like that) i chose the same one, just a normal day visiting a friend of my dad and his wife...and then some years later my mum casually mentioned that they broke up. and obviously i was DEVASTATED. and she was all err major overreaction wot. this is a bit like that. O_O it just occurs to me that now i probably cant watch my favourite john cusack movies now...because everytime i see them together, i'll cringe and die a little, everytime we say goodbye...i wonder whyyyyy a little... (couldnt resist :))

anyway other plans for the day. chocolate muesli and milk for dinner. then watch 'let the right one in' which i have loaded and all ready to watch. except the house feels empty...

listening to joy division probably wasnt the best idea :)

okayyy i need to do something now! something tres cheery! but what?

do you know that google doesnt google emotes? i tried googling a sad face today. didnt work. shock. horror.

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rachellle said...

Nooooo, don't be gloomy! Listen to Bowl of Oranges, that will cheer you up. :D