Monday, 19 January 2009

what timeline do you think we're living in?

people who actually read this blog are going to experience deja vu right about now..

I heart geek podcasts!

im listening to the overthinkingit podcast and it is good. this one's about back to the future (it's bttf week) and time travel and somehow they manage to go from there to casablanca to starship troopers (which, note to self: i need to watch again! for i totally watched it as a babe and missed the NPH love in my youthful obliviousness) with periodic bouts of giggling. just the best upper one could hope for...
...apart from the cutest mother in the world (mine) ordering the dr horrible dvd for me! yayness!
my day is so made.

and now for the emo part of this post:

bit dead after a sleepless night on the bus from hyd to blore. i have instant soup and cup noodles to make for dinner, for optimal cooking avoidage.

the scene like part:

our bus hit a man and woman on a bike and then dramatic yelling scene happened...which is when we got off and got on an auto (thankfully we were in blore when this occured) the woman was a bit dazed and was escorted to the pavement where she sat down (by a random stranger, not the man she was on the bike with..he was too busy yelling at the bus driver...i hope someone had the sense to get her to a hospital to make sure she wasnt concussed).

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