Friday, 30 January 2009 votre pantalon, s'il vous plait.

bout to dash off for dinner but thought id ramble on about the history boys for a bit. because i love the history boys and i love to ramble. dinner is going to be raita and bhujia and the rice i made for the sounds of some of the soundtrack of the history boys. i swear i would watch it on loop endlessly if i could. except that would make me so edgy. the history boys = 1 can of red bull. i want to jump about and sing and dance and act and pretend and dress up and visit abbeys and all things now im watching random behind the scenes type vids on the site o the movie. genius!

top 5 scenes:
1. the whole french bit XD
2. posner [*sigh* the eyes!] and hector and the poem.
3. irwin's face [the eyes again...someone knew how to cast!] when dakin says they should have a 'drink'...especially when he says he looks fwd to him taking his glasses off...
4. rudge telling her how he got in...
5. all of them singing bye bye blackbird...the expressions are just perfect.

*sobs* that i'll probably never get to see it on stage.
not with the same exact cast anyway...

ps. it kills me to leave all the singing and the brief encounter stuff and everything off the top 5...that could be another top five unto itself ;)

pps. history boys fanfics!

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