Wednesday, 22 October 2008

darth anna and the mockage side

almost forgot to update about the past couple days in my half nelson distraction. anyhoo i got whisked off to sheffield sun night when anna and her parents came to visit.

sun one episode of 'firefly' (the one which starts with nathan fillion naked in the desert...his evil ex wife etc :D), 'serenity', half of 'bring it on' (for reasons of extreme mockage and eliza dushku is hot i think)
mon second half of bring it on, futurama, 'breach'...the OC (episode with the killers in, mr flowers looks maha shmal)-(anna's a fan too :D and we both agree that ryan can act and seth/ryan bits r best blah blah) half nelson :) we did record 'insomnia' and some other movie but never got round to actually viewing...
tues (morn) bout half hr of 'high school musical' (afore mentioned mockage....way more extreme than bring it on...). train to leeds (anna got to watch the oc while i sat in a train! LOL *sob*). met suzanna who's now studying in leeds (senior frm my ug). bonded over food and movies and goss.

i should really stop telling ppl that i went to sheffield. the past few times have been pretty much actually i went to annas house and we didnt leave...the weather was shite so we had an excuse to veg. she gave me the best directions. i had to take bus frm her plc to the city and walk to the train station. sheffied was purdy. the sun was high and the rain was it wasnt cold...and things were sparkly like...and sheffield station is just surrealness. fountains, water flowing down shiny metal walls...

hehe i knew i was in sheffield when some bois on the bus were discussing snooker and the smallness of the balls vs the largeness of the pockets or some such thing...and star wars vid games... :) its fun to spy.


Slippery Reflections said...

hmmm... suzanna in leeds? aha!

this is by far the difficultest of your writings to read :D wrote when sleepy eh?

thesilentq said...

maybe..i dont rem when i wrote this :D hee too many brackets and no punctuations? :DD