Tuesday, 22 July 2008


found a basket in starbucks yesterday labelled how does your garden grow? and my curiosity found a free package [the last one] of coffee grounds for garden use. for fertilizer or compost :) and i have a compost obsession. i love the compost bin in the garden. it smells of grass and just feels good...like we're making the world a tad better. for new things to grow and thrive...so my project for today is a bit of mucking in the garden...spreading bits of my baby around the plants and plonking the rest in the compost. he's feels so much like a baby: the heft...he fits in the crook of my arm :) pics coming up later!

*weird i cant seem to find the dock which connects the cam to the comp...pics when i find it!

*listening to summer overture from requiem for a dream, have it on loop. just realised how it makes everything im doing seem maha important. its the strings! it was like finding the dock thing was of humongous importance. side effect: may cause delusions of grandeur! :D

*ps. i think the naughtiest girl series of books subliminally mindfucked me into needing garden tools to be clean and shiiny when im done with em...[ah the joys of elizabeth and john arguing about stupid things :) think john was my fave...richard was too serious and julian was too...julian i gues :)]

*found it! pikachures ahoy!

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