Sunday, 6 September 2009

sunday bloody sunday

an update about my life after ages. back in blore. been at home all day with a cold. dosed up on cold meds. slept much. watched wanted in between the sleeping on tv. was a bit less awesome as censorship was at work and they cut out bits including bad language. kind of kills it. but mistah mcavoy is as hot as ever and those eyes... mmmfun. the cat curled up nextto me for a bit while i napped. but still gets quite upset if i try to pet him. downloading noah and the whale songs. slow. something seems to have happened the sound on the comp tho.. *shrug*
im not a fan of sunday evenings generally but feel better now. was majorly down in the afternoon. dee left for a date a little while back (bf and bf's parents, last min plan, hastily changed outfit :D, i twittered about it) im glad we're roomies. its too cute.
both the nikhils (aka. "the nikhil") have been online this weekend, random convis ensued.
omg and now chrishelle (my bunnie) is online. my day is made! she's gone off to shower. but will be back. with a dream to tell me about. yippieyay.
gaaahhh why wont the songs dload faster. i want noah and the whale now!


the last sea unicorn said...

So... do you have a new roomie? I'm confused.

Oh, el Nikhil. I thought the Miss Dashwood part was cross with me, but today, to my relief, he wrote, "bitch where are ya..." So now I know we're fwends, yay!

pave said...

nope its the same one. dee :) just restating how its fun living with her. i dont think miss dashwood could be cross with you. lol.

rachellle said...

Oh I see. I thought you lived with Divya for a while.

He totally waaaaaaaas though. :p

pave said...

nah that didnt work out remember :)

oright then, what was he mad about? LOL.

Rachellle said...


Weeeell, my gmail chat didn't work so I couldn't talk to him even though I was online. And he was like, "WAH WAH YOU BIG MEANIE WHY WON'T YOU TALK TO MEEEEEEEEEE? *grumpy grumpy*" Miss Dashwood is a fragile flower, don't cha know?

pave said...

aww did you hurt the flower? (almost famous reference) :)